North Pole Ski Last Degree 2019

Between April 6 and 16, a multinational team - New Zealander, Indian, American and Australians - will ski the last degree across the frozen Arctic Ocean to the North Pole.

Lynda Prior
Ilse Kiessling
Katie Sarah
Tim Sarah
Robert Gropel
Mardi Philips. Trainee Guide
Icetrek Team Heath Jamieson
Heath Jamieson. IPGA Polar Guide
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Eric Philips. IPGA Master Polar Guide

Trip Summary

#4: North Pole season cancelled

2019-04-13 10:06:09pm
After almost two weeks of deliberations, negotiations and expectations, the North Pole season has been cancelled. This unprecedented event has shocked us all and we’re doing our best to grapple… Continue reading
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#3: Still in Svalbard

2019-04-08 05:58:16am
Not kidding! We have a significant delay as a result of some political turmoil that resulted in the revoking of a permit allowing the Ukrainian-owned Antonov-74 from flying above 8… Continue reading
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#2: Departure imminent

2019-04-07 02:25:00am

We have had a couple of days delay but everything looks set for a flight to Barneo tomorrow. Our sleds are packed and ready for delivery to the airport, now… Continue reading

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#1: In Longyearbyen

2019-04-04 07:30:00am

Our North Pole team - Lynda, Ilse, Aparna, Katie, Tim, Rob and Baz, and guides Heath, Mardi and I - are finally assembled in Longyearbyen ready for our ski adventure… Continue reading

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