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If you're heading into the backcountry and you need extra ankle support then Paramark has you covered. The high-back cuff with ladder strap and ratchet buckle brace your ankle giving great edge control when downhill skiing (Parallel and Telemark!), traversing or kiting. And the toe fixture - webbing and ladder straps and ratchet buckle - allow for a wide range of boot lengths and widths. Oh, and did we mention, you can use virtually any boot with a Paramark binding, no need for dedicated ski boots which are often costly and uncomfortable.

If you already have our Vintro or Sinch model then you're most of the way there, all you need is a Paramark cuff and strap assembly and you're off. Cheaper and easy to install.

Paramark is the revolutionary ski touring binding you've been waiting for.

Available in Regular and Wide. How to choose.

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Ultima System

Paramark is built on Flexi's Ultima System, a revolutionary concept in ski touring bindings. Click here for a full range of Ultima System features.

Flexi Ultima Total Exploded

Ankle Cuff

The key to Paramark's stability is the ankle cuff. Similar to a snowboard binding highback, the cuff provides stiffness to boots with little or no ankle support, allowing you to edge, turn and traverse. It attaches to the rear cam slots using 304 stainless bolts,washers and Genloch nuts, easy to remove if you want to change to our strap systems for an extreme-cold polar trip. The high-quality ratchet buckles couple with ladder straps to lock your boot in. Easy in, easy out.

Paramark Cuff And Upper Strap

Toe Strap

Another ratchet buckle is riveted to a 25mm webbing strap that attaches to the cam slots on the front of the binding. The no-tools strap allows for fast and easy adjustment to your boot bulk. 

During our ladder strap R&D, we froze multiple materials down to -40c in an industrial test freezer and placed them under severe load; only DuPont Hytrel came out unscathed. We then field tested Hytrel on expeditions across Greenland and to both poles, a combined 1300km and 65 days, and it came up trumps. Attached by the same stainless hardware, we provide 3 sizes of ladder strap per pair allowing you to chop and change depending on your boot bulk.

Flexi Paramark Toe Strap

Weight: 1450g / 51oz (including multi-shims, heel plates, mounting plates, cuffs, straps, buckles and fasteners)

Shipping weight: 1.75kg / 62oz

Base Plate: 6mm polyethylene

Boot Cage: aluminium

Mounting Plate: aluminium, anodised

Multi-Shim: polyethylene

Heel Plate: 14mm polyethylene

Heel Shim: 6mm polyethylene

Ankle Cuff: 2mm polyethylene

Ladder straps: Hytrel

Rathchet buckles: high-grade Italian-made

Minimum ski waist width required: 45mm

Made in: Australia

Flexi Paramark Assembly

Parts & Accessories

Flexi Ultima Mounting Screws - 15mm

Parts & Accessories

Flexi Ultima Heel Plate

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Flexi Ultima System Plate Set

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Flexi Ultima Heel Shim

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Flexi Ultima Multi-Shim

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