Medical Evacuation Insurance for North Pole

Medical Evacuation Insurance

Are you covered?

You may have your own policy or have travel insurance through a credit card but do you have assurance that you are covered for skiing on and evacuation from the Arctic Ocean? 

Our medical evacuation insurance covers you for any of Icetrek's flights, tours or ski expeditions to the North Pole. It has been approved by our Arctic air operators so there's no doubt about whether you are covered or not.

Our policy provides helicopter and aircraft evacuation from the ice, repatriation to Longyearbyen and medical support along the way. At AU$495 we reckon that's good value.


NOTE: Please be aware that if you select a policy other than ours and your insurer does not pay the bill if an evacuation is required, you will be financially responsible for your evacuation.

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What's covered?

1. Expenses for search and rescue operations

2. Expenses for medical evacuation from the Arctic Ocean to a medical facility in Longyearbyen

3. Medical Expenses for outpatient and/or inpatient treatment in Longyearbyen or nearest medical facility

4. Expenses for urgent dental care

5. Repatriation to place of permanent residence or nearest medical facility to permanent residence