Navimount Compass Support

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Navimount is fully adjustable to keep it on the level. The mount remains upright using two cords that connect with Velcro to your shoulder straps, and a toggle on the underside provides quick micro-adjustments for optimum levelling. All Icetrek harnesses come with Velcro attached to the shoulders. 

Navimount Transparent


Accepts any base plate-mounted compass. Simply place at least two corners of the base plate into slots on the support and lock it in place.

Navimount Mirror Compass

Easy attachment

Serrated Navimount bar ends quickly attach to the gear loops on your Icetrek harness. Multiple positions to cater for waist size.

Navimount Bars


A mitten-friendly cam lock secures your compass to the mount. 

Navimount Lock

Weight: 120g / 4.2oz per pair

Shipping weight: 200g / 7oz per pair

Material: HDPE

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