Naviplate Compass Mount

Parts & Accessories

The Naviplate Compass Mount is the ideal way to navigate hands-free across the polar icescapes. It attaches without the need for tools or finger dexterity and has micro-adjustability to keep the harness level. 

Compatible with all Icetrek sled harnesses

Non-magnetic brass ring hinges

Easy attachment and removal

Fits multiple compass models

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Fully adjustable

Naviplate is fully adjustable to keep it on the level. The plate remains upright using two cords that connect with Velcro to your shoulder straps, and toggles on the underside provide quick micro-adjustments for optimum accuracy. All Icetrek harnesses come with Velcro attached to the shoulders. 

Icetrek Compass Mount Front

Multi compass

Accepts both mirror and field compasses, any brand

Icetrek Compass Mount With Compass


Use a mirror compass to check your reflection for exposure, find a pesky hood adjustment, or just check out your damn good looks.

Icetrek Compass Mount With Mirror

Brass hinges

Brass is non-magnetic so the hinges don't mess with your heading

Icetrek Naviplate Compass Mount Hinges

Belt support

The belt support slips in behind your waist belt to keep your compass where you need it.

Icetrek Compass Mount Belt Support

Weight: 75g / 2.6oz per pair

Shipping weight: 180g / 6.3oz per pair

Material: HDPE