Icetrek Team

Icetrek Expeditions' network of professional guides represents the elite in high-latitude adventure travel.

Drawing on the skill and experience of IPGA members, we pride ourselves in assigning guides that specifically match the group, skill set and environment that embody your trip.

Icetrek Eric Philips IPGA Master Polar Guide
​Eric Philips IPGA Master Polar Guide

Eric is the founder and head guide at Icetrek Expeditions. With a history rooted in professional adventuring, Eric, from Australia, brings to guiding decades of personal experiences skiing to both the North and South Poles and across every major icecap in the world. Visit Eric's website

Icetrek Dixie Dansercoer IPGA Master Polar Guide
Dixie Dansercoer IPGA Master Polar Guide

Hailing from Belgium, Dixie is one of the word's most experienced expedition kite-skiers having completed a number of major expeditions in Antarctica and Greenland, including a record-breaking 5000km+ in a single season in Antarctica. he has also crossed the Arctic Ocean from Russia to Canada. Dixie's meticulous planning and preparation unfoldsin his trips making him an in-demand guide.

Icetrek Audun Tholfsen IPGA Polar Guide
​Audun Tholfsen IPGA Polar Guide

Audun lives in Spitsbergen at almost 80° North where he works professionally as a ski and dogsledding guide. His experiences include a winter drift across the Arctic Ocean on board the expedition yacht Tara, and a ground-breaking ski and kayak journey from North Pole to his home town, Longyearbyen, Svalbard.

Icetrek Jose Naranjo IPGA Polar Guide
​José Naranjo IPGA Polar Guide

José Naranjo has a wealth of experience guiding expeditions throughout Greenland, the Canadian High Arctic and to the South Pole. A native of Spain with a perfect command of English, he brings a latin flair to our trips together with his trademark calm and compassionate demeanour.

Icetrek Bengt Rotmo IPGA Polar Guide
Bengt Rotmo IPGA Polar Guide

Bengt is one of the most active guides in the polar regions, regularly leading expeditions to the North Pole, Patagonia and Greenland. He has undertaken very long expeditions in the Canadian High Arctic and continues to squeeze in private trips around his guiding profession. Bengt comes from Norway.

Icetrek Victoria Nicholson Logistics Manager
​Victoria Nicholson Expedition logistics manager

Hailing from the UK, Victoria is an expedition and challenge logistics specialist. She has managed projects ranging from record-setting cricket matches at Everest Base Camp to solo ocean rows to Antarctic ski races. With personal experience in Patagonia, the Arctic, the Alps and Antarctica, Vicks understands the nuances of adventure from both an expeditioner and organiser perspective.