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In the harsh reality of a polar environment there's often only one chance at success

As a client you can tap into our hard-earned resources to give your project both a kick-start into action and a structured progression of achievable objectives.

Our experience includes:
  • 4 new ski routes to the South Pole
  • North Pole ski expeditions, from Russia, to Canada and multiple last degree treks
  • +30 North and South Pole treks and expeditions
  • 3 Greenland crossings
  • ski expeditions in Iceland, Ellesmere Island, Patagonia, Queen Maud Land, Antarctic Peninsula
  • manhauling, snowkiting, fat-biking, air, ground and seaborne travel
  • annual guiding in Svalbard
  • safety equipment and procedures for polar bears, glacier travel, avalanche, sea ice travel
  • entered Antarctica from Punta Arenas, Ushuaia, Cape Town, Hobart and Christchurch, by aircraft, ice breaker and yacht
  • familiarity with Arctic gateways - Longyearbyen, Resolute, Khatanga, Kangerlussuaq, Tasiilaq
  • working with professional photographers and film production companies
  • working with all ages - our youngest is 4, our oldest 78
  • multinational - we have worked with more than 30 different nationals
  • respect for all gender communities
  • NGO and government organisations
  • SOLAS and Polar Code
  • military training
  • co-founder and president of the International Polar Guides Association (IPGA)
  • IPGA Polar Expedition Guide
  • co-creator of the Polar Expeditions Classification Scheme (PECS)
  • former polar guide for Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions (ALE), Australian Antarctic Division, Greenpeace, Walking With The Wounded
  • expertise with air and logistics providers - ALE, ALCI, White Desert, Ultima/ALCI, Vicaar, Barneo AG, Kenn Borek
  • working with Guinness World Records

Select from four levels of service.

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Consultancy Services

How to proceed with with your polar expedition consultation service.

  1. Submit the following form. This is not a commitment to proceed with our services, it's just an indication of whether your project is feasible.
  2. We will respond with an initial feasibility comment and a proposal. You can choose to proceed or not.
  3. If you choose to proceed, read the agreement and waiver documents, sign and return to us. Let's go!
  4. If you require an Environmental Impact Assessment Permit for Antarctica you will be required to complete an additional expedition questionnaire

Include country and area code

Region of Operation *

eg. Greenland east-coast

Use coordinates and specify convention (seconds, decimals or decimal degrees)

During which month/s do you intend to operate?

Approximately how many days do you intend to be in the field?

If you are a motorised expedition, will you provide your own vehicles? *
Does the project need approval from a funding source? *
Has funding been approved? *
Do you require a polar guide to assist in the field? *


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