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For trips charged in Euro or USD we only accept bank transfer. Bank details will be on your invoice and currency will be that which is quoted in the trip description and on the invoice. Any shortfalls in amounts received will be added to the balance invoice.

If you are converting currency (for example paying from a £ account to our € account) we recommend using an exchange service. We have partnered with OFX to offer you $0 fee’s, and preferential rates on your transfer.

In some circumstances we will accept credit card payments in AUD (Australian dollars) for Euro and USD trips. We exchange these AUD amounts to the nominated currency and the payer is liable for all fees and shortfalls. Credit card payments can be made here.


Currency for equipment purchases is Australian dollars.

Credit Card. Credit card fees are included in any equipment that can be added to our e-commerce shopping basket. Non shopping basket items, such as sleds, attract a 2.9% credit card fee.

PayPal Register at if you don't have an account

Bank Transfer, from AUD to AUD. Ask for our account details

Bank Transfer, from foreign currency to AUD. We have partnered with OFX to offer you $0 fees, and preferential rates on your transfer.


International Buyers Your purchase is free of GST (Goods and Services Tax) however you may be liable for taxes and duties in your country.

Australian Buyers GST will be added at checkout.



Shipping of Sleds

Sleds are shipped by air or sea freight, depending on your preference and time-frame. If we have sleds in stock in the colour you nominate we will ship within 7 days of receiving payment. Air freight takes up to 14 days to your nominated address, sea freight can be upwards of 75 days depending on location. If we are out of stock of sleds, production date could be one full month in advance of your order, so production plus sea delivery may be 100 days. Average costs for door-to-door air freight to Europe and the Americas is between AU$800 to $1200. Any other Icetrek Equipment items purchased at up to 50kg in combined weight can be shipped with each sled at no additional shipping cost. You can arrange your own freight using the shipping weight and dimensions found under Specs on the sled product pages.

Shipping of all other items

At checkout you will be given a choice of Australia Post shipping options; DOMESTIC - Regular or Express; INTERNATIONAL - Standard (6+ business days, trackable) or International Express (2-4 business days, trackable). Icetrek and Australia Post do not guarantee delivery within these times. Items are usually shipped within 24 hours and include insurance.



Icetrek takes pride in producing the strongest and most functional polar expedition equipment in the world. Each product is designed and tested by professional polar adventurers. However we are also acutely aware of the harshness of the polar environment and the varying abilities of users, both of which impact on the life of our products. As such we offer the following warranty on our products.


All Icetrek products are made in limited runs in small workshops and factories with a high percentage of human work and handling. They are not mass produced. As such our products may display minor blemishes that do not in any way affect their functionality or strength.

Limited Warranty

All products in their entirety are guaranteed against shoddy workmanship and defects in materials for 12 months after purchase. This guarantee is extended to the original purchaser and does not apply to subsequent owners of the product. Normal wear, abrasion, misuse, alteration, abuse or dismantling of the product is not covered. Damage to Flexi Bindings as a result of incorrect mounting is not covered by warranty. Abrasion of webbing and fabrics, including straps, sled covers and harnesses, under expedition conditions is normal and as such is not covered by warranty beyond defect and workmanship. Replacement parts are available for purchase. Icetrek will not be liable for incidental or consequential damages. If covered by the limited warranty, we will repair or replace your product at our own option.

Lifetime Warranty

The plastic components of your Flexi bindings are guaranteed without time limit against shoddy workmanship, defects in materials and breakage. This guarantee is extended to the original purchaser and does not apply to subsequent owners of the bindings. The lifetime guarantee does not apply to products used for hire, rental or multi-person use. Normal wear, abrasion, misuse, alteration, abuse or dismantling of any product is not covered. Damage to Flexi Bindings as a result of incorrect mounting is not covered by warranty. Icetrek will not be liable for incidental or consequential damages. If covered by the lifetime warranty, we will repair or replace your bindings or components thereof at our own option.



Warranty claims - Return and Shipping

Before returning your product please contact Icetrek to avoid unnecessary shipping charges. An email with photo attachments of your concern is useful and in the event of any failure you must submit photos of the product in it's entirety, including components mounted to the ski without alteration. We may be able to resolve a warranty claim by sending you parts, it will be your responsibility to assemble the whole for which we will provide instructions.

In most cases however you are required to send us the faulty or broken parts if not the item in its entirety. Include a description of the problem, your name, shipping address and a copy of the purchase invoice. Products sent to us for repair or replacement must be cleaned and clearly show the damage or breakage or they will be returned to the sender without notice.

To avoid unnecessary disassembly and postage costs we will determine if just a component part requires repair/replacement in which case we will ask for only that part to be shipped to our repair centre.

Shipping charges to our repair centre are not covered and are the responsibility of the customer. Icetrek will cover the cost of shipping replaced or repaired parts or products to your nominated address.

Repairs not covered by warranty

If an issue is determined by Icetrek not to be covered by warranty, we will issue you a quote with costs of repair or replacement, and shipping.

Change of mind

Please check sizing charts before purchasing clothing or equipment, we do not offer refunds on items that do not fit or on which you have changed your mind after purchase. Depending on stock, we may exchange item sizes or place returned items in credit, however you are responsible for all shipping charges. Please do not return items without pre-arrangement.

Return to:

Icetrek Equipment

PO Box 217

Kiewa Valley Highway

Tawonga South

VIC 3698




Should a customer make a foreign currency or credit card payment that qualifies for a refund, Icetrek retains the right to issue that refund in the original currency or Australian dollars. The final refund amount will be based on the original landed amount/s less processing fee and shortfalls, such that Icetrek does not incur a loss.

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