Land ice. Sea Ice. Kiting. Fat Bike

We prepare you for the rigours of a polar expedition. Any polar expedition.

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No matter which polar environment your'e heading to our training programs are designed to maximise your chances of success.

Using the glaciers, icecaps and frozen fiords of Svalbard we offer a comprehensive training program every March that covers all of the essential elements of a polar expedition. And in August, at the height of the Australian winter, we use the heights of the Australian Alps to deliver a challenging mid-year program that hones your backcountry ski and camping skills.

Our training courses are challenging, spectacular, informative, but above all, uncompromising.

Join us today to learn the blueprint for polar travel

Icetrek Svalbard Expedition Card

Svalbard Polar Expedition

All-in-one polar expedition and training
Icetrek Svalbard Winter 003 Heath Jamieson

Svalbard Winter Light Expedition

Trip the light fantastic
Icetrek Svalbard Polar Primer

Svalbard Polar Primer

Learning the art of polar travel
Icetrek Kosciuszco Polar Training Traversing

Australian Alps Winter Advanced

Trek across the roof of Australia
Icetrek Kosciuszco Polar Training In Trees

Australian Alps Winter Novice

Learn winter travel and camping skills
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