About Icetrek

Icetrek was founded in 1999 by Australian polar explorer Eric Philips and now operates as two distinct but interconnected businesses.

Icetrek Expeditions LogoIcetrek Expeditions is a world-leading polar adventure travel company, offering a host of trips to the Arctic and Antarctica as well as training programs and logistics services. Icetrek engages a pool of world-class guides with vast experience in a wide range of polar environments and activities. We were the first company to guide both a full-length North Pole and South Pole expedition and are the only company to have operated through every established gateway to both poles - Punta Arenas, Chile; Cape Town, South Africa; Hobart, Australia; Christchurch, New Zealand; Ushuaia, Argentina; Longyearbyen, Norway; Khatanga, Russia and Resolute Bay, Canada.

Icetrek Polar EquipmentIcetrek Equipment engineers and manufactures high-end products designed to meet every demand of the most challenging polar expedition. Flexi Ski Bindings are the most commonly used bindings on polar expeditions and are supplied to the US military. Our most recent innovation, the Icetrek sled, is a superb multi-functional amphibious pull designed for the polar regions' harshest conditions. Our R&D and engineering teams are made up of avid outdoors people so our products are always grounded in reality.

Eric Philips LogoEric Philips is the founder and principal at Icetrek. Prior to 1999, Eric was involved in a decade of polar expeditioning including expeditions to Antarctica and the South Pole, Greenland and Canada's Ellesmere Island.

IPGA LogoOur guides are endorsed IPGA Master and Polar Guides. Eric is an IPGA founding members. Visit IPGA

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