South Pole Camp

A comfortable haven at the bottom of the world

Owned and managed by ALE, the South Pole Camp is a temporary summer facility for day and overnight visitor. Situated less than 1km from the ceremonial and true poles, it is a short walk or an even shorter snowmobile ride to the very end of the earth. The Amundsen-Scott Station itself is 50 metres beyond the ceremonial pole and a tour of its main building is one of the highlights of your trip.

Sleeping Tents

Expedition tents are already set up for you at the camp. Their floors are lined with foam and your mattresses and sleeping bags provide comfort. There's no need to be concerned about warmth, the tents are often so warm inside from natural solar gain that you prefer to sleep on top of your sleeping bag. The dining tent and ablutions are is just a few metres away.


The dining tent is insulated and heated, a very comfortable place to eat and celebrate. Cooked meals with a range of hot and cold drinks, including wine and beer, are available.

Other facilities

Men and women's toilets are available but there are no showering facilities. Limited USB ports are available for charging devices. A medical tent is on site. The camp is run by a minimum of two staff who are there to attend to your every need including organising a visit of the South Pole station

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