Three Glaciers Retreat

A luxury camp in the heart of west Antarctica

Immerse yourself in the ultimate wilderness, surrounded by pristine views, untouched spaces, and profound silence. Three Glaciers Camp, owned and managed by Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions (ALE), is an exclusive retreat tucked away deep in the interior of Antarctica. Nestled at the base of Mount Sporli in the Ellsworth Mountains, this camp is the definition of remote. And as its name alludes, Three Glaciers Camp does in fact lie at the head of three glaciers: Schneider, Schanz, and Driscoll.

Photos © Alexey Nagaev, Christopher Michel, Scott Webster, David Hamilton, ALE


Ultimate privacy and superior service is assured with camp occupancy limited to just 16 guests. Three suites feature king beds and five suites are outfitted with two extra-long twin beds.

The suites are sanctuaries for relaxation and comfort. These double-walled havens are designed to withstand the toughest Antarctic conditions while their interiors are focused on the cozy details. Custom white oak and walnut beds feature dreamy mattresses, sateen sheets, and down duvets. Even in 24-hour daylight, you can draw the window shades and settle in for a deep slumber. All suites are heated and equipped with a sitting area, a charging station for personal electronics, and plenty of space to store polar gear.

Enjoy unobstructed views from your private patio, as the eight suites are perfectly positioned around 180° like a giant sundial. This precise alignment also optimizes the summer sun’s path, giving each patio a period of direct sunlight.

The dining room and lounge are the heart of camp. Here the Chef creates original Three Glaciers dishes with fresh ingredients flown in from Chile. In between meals, you can relax on the sofa with a book from the polar library or enjoy a coffee from the comfort of a leather lounge chair.



Majestic peaks and tumbling glaciers offer unlimited opportunities for snowmobiling, hiking, climbing, and skiing. The options for exploration in this magnificent setting are almost endless and experienced guides will design daily adventures to match each group’s pursuits.

Want to stay near camp? No problem! Just behind Three Glaciers lies the perfect hill for a quick ski or snowboard session. Or grab the volleyball for a scrimmage on our snow court. Looking to relax? That’s a Three Glaciers specialty! Let staff pour the wine as you breathe in the absolute quiet and stunning views from one of the secluded viewing platforms.


Environmental Ethic

In keeping with ALE's mission to set the highest possible environmental standards, their camp is primarily solar powered. Generators are only used in the event of extended cloud cover and interior spaces are heated with high-efficiency Toyostoves.

The pristine landscape is protected by removing all waste, including human waste, from Three Glaciers. Private toilet facilities are located in the center of camp and utilize a system that separates liquid and solid waste for ease of transport.

While they work to minimize the amount of residue water we generate, as well as the fuel used to melt snow, we encourage you to enjoy the luxury of a hot shower, here in the middle of Antarctica. Snow is gathered and melted straight from the glacier to keep a piping hot supply ready in the custom-built shower facility. Complementary toiletries and towels are provided.



Three Glaciers Camp can be booked as an accommodation enhancement to an existing experience, or the entire camp can be reserved for private groups interested in creating their own bespoke experiences.

Join a trip and experience Three Glaciers Camp for yourself.

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