#2: Adventdalen

2018-04-29 04:53:00am

Overnight heavy clouds descended on the valley and we woke to our camp covered in snow. 

A short ski took us to a frozen waterfall, the outlet of Eskerdalen's watercourse in warmer months. Eskerdalen is the connecting valley between Sassendalen and Adventdalen and it’s always a great sight to see reindeer foraging for the first grasses of spring.

Through slowly clearing fog we covered around 15km of hard-earned ground and are now camped on a beautiful flat at the head of Adventdalen. Tomorrow we need to cover around 17km to set us up for a final short day into Longyearbyen.

1. This morning’s camp
2. Anthony and Matt in front of the waterfall.


  • Name: Camp 7
  • Elevation: 135m
  • Latitude: 78.18944444
  • Longitude: 16.73611111
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Svalbard Expedition 2018

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