CV of Skiing/Cold Climate Experience

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This summary is not so much an assessment of your suitability to an expedition but an opportunity for Icetrek to determine the collective skills of the team. Many of our previous customers have never skied before or have had limited outdoor experience but have been receptive learners and invaluable team members. Though it is very important to be physically fit, and to have a history of outdoor experience suited to our longer and more demanding trips, the foremost criteria for an Icetrek polar expedition are based on the psychological and emotional; absorb and apply information, determination, tolerance and a spirit of fun.

Please give a description of your outdoor experience and interests

How often have you engaged in outdoor activities in the past 12 months?

What were the two most common activities you engaged in?

How often have you camped in a tent in the wilderness in the past 12 months?

How much experience do you have on skis - downhill and/or cross-country?

Have you been to altitude? If so where and to what elevation? Skip this question if you are not doing a South Pole expedition or Greenland crossing.

Please list your cold climate experience, in particular any experience in camping and/or outdoor activities in cold climates. List also any experience living in cold climates.

Please list any qualifications, accreditation or tickets you have in outdoor activities ie. skiing instructor, wilderness first-aid, NOLS etc.

How would you rate your general fitness?

Are you willing to take on the mental/emotional challenges of a polar ski expedition? What experience do you have in tackling mental/emotional challenges (this could be outdoor, sport, business or family)?

Please attach an image of you participating in a cold-climate activity.

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