Svalbard Expedition #2 2023

Our second 2023 Svalbard ski expedition.

Liz Murrie
Liz Murrie
Janice Poehlman
Janice Poehlman
Akshay Nanavati
Akshay Nanavati
Ed Kressy
Ed Kressy
Claire Murray
Duncan Eadie
Duncan Eadie
Mardi Philips
Mardi Philips. Guide
1 1A2A2820A Must Courtesy Petter Nyquist Not For Third Party
Eric Philips. IPGA Polar Expedition Guide

You can check out the excellent Zero Six Zero tracking map here. We are trialling this for our upcoming North Pole expeditions.

Trip Summary


#8: stunning day

2023-03-24 06:24:34am
 A bit of snowfall overnight but we emerged to a clear blue sky. The ski towards Adventdalen was magical, particularly with the spectacular caldera-esque mountain of Helvetiafjellet in the… Continue reading

#7: Another challenging day

2023-03-23 06:04:00am
Although we woke with sun on the tents the day progressively deteriorated. We skied over to Eskerdalen and followed the snowmobile road for a few km before stopping for lunch… Continue reading

#6: day 6

2023-03-22 06:31:00am
It was another -36°c night but more tolerable than our first one, everyone now well accustomed to warding off chills. A hot water bottle Nalgene of boiling water inside an… Continue reading

#5: polar plod

2023-03-21 06:22:00am
We all enjoyed another warm night of -15°C. The morning sessions were a challenge with many of us finding it difficult to regulate our temperature, going too often from hot… Continue reading

#4: day of discovery

2023-03-20 07:14:00am
We enjoyed a relatively warm night, able to sleep with faces exposed to the air instead of tucked into our sleeping bags. A grey dawn turned mostly clear by mid… Continue reading

#3: day 3

2023-03-19 06:55:00am
Pretty windy overnight but unremarkable compared to our cold start. The warmer temperatures make everything easier though to a point, too warm and it’s equally difficult. We skied east along… Continue reading

#2: warmer

2023-03-18 06:44:00am
It’s always an anxious night for a guide when day 1 of a trip brings such edgy conditions. We recorded -36c when we stopped to camp last night and hoped… Continue reading

#1: cold start

2023-03-17 09:16:00am
After the drive out to Eskerfossen we had a quick lunch under the ice cold blue sky.before heading east up the valley towards Rabot glacier. The temperature steadily dropped and… Continue reading
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