Svalbard Expedition 2019

Our annual expedition to the wonderful mountains, glaciers and fiords of Svalbard. March 22 to 30.

Robin Vaudrey
Ingrid Ortlieb
Heath W
Heath Wallace
Mardi Philips. Trainee Guide
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Eric Philips. Guide

Trip Summary

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#9: A superb trip

2019-03-30 08:55:06am
The finale of our trip was not a just ending to a superb adventure that was undertaken with skill and joy by every member. My injured leg was severe enough… Continue reading
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#8: rubbish weather continues

2019-03-29 08:15:12am
Shortly after posting the blog last night a strong wind blew down the glacier and blasted our large Altai tent in 3 hour cycles. Light winds were forecast overnight so… Continue reading
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#7: challenging day

2019-03-28 07:58:44am
The morning light was enchanting as we skied over the terminal moraine of Ellenbein glacier and onto Sveig Glacier. To the south we could make out frozen Agardh Bay and… Continue reading
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#6: mixed bag

2019-03-27 07:42:38am
Our fifth day already! It feels like the time has flown by! Today was spectacular, and we had a bit of everything really, slow uphill, contouring around smooth undulating hills… Continue reading
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#5: blizz day

2019-03-26 07:17:20am
On reaching camp yesterday I made the decision to set up both small tents, a call borne out by the fierce blizzard that swamped us overnight. So Ingrid, Heath and… Continue reading
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#4: up high

2019-03-25 06:49:33am
Sun on a tent in the morning is always a joy knowing that, in an environment such as this, navigation will be easier and our short breaks between hauling may… Continue reading
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#3: Sassen Valley

2019-03-24 06:32:54am
After a quick ski to the nearby frozen waterfall we headed east along the flat valley floor in fresh snow that fell yesterday. As the day progressed a few glimpses… Continue reading
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#2: Day 1

2019-03-23 07:17:21am
Our first day on the trail was short and sweet after leaving Longyearbyen at 1.30pm and driving more than 2 hours to Sassendalen in a Hagglunds. It snowed all day… Continue reading
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#1: In Svalbard

2019-03-22 07:41:00am

Hi everyone and welcome to our annual Arctic blog. I’m in Longyearbyen, Svalbard with, from left in the pic, Robin, Heath, Ingrid and Mardi. Tomorrow we head into the icy… Continue reading

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