Svalbard Expedition #2 2022

Our annual expedition to the wonderful mountains, glaciers and fiords of Svalbard. March 24 to April 1, 2022.

Damian Robson
Ram Navakadadcham
Henry Dawkins
Eliza Brown
Romain Loubeyre
Frederique Olivier. Filmmaker
Icetrek Team Heath Jamieson
Heath Jamieson. IPGA Polar Expedition Guide
Mardi Philips. Trainee Guide
1 1A2A2820A Must Courtesy Petter Nyquist Not For Third Party
Eric Philips. IPGA Polar Expedition Guide

Trip Summary


#9: Final day

2022-04-01 06:19:42am
The temperature in the tent dropped to -17C overnight, wouldn’t be much different outside given the heat from our bodies is well trapped inside our sleeping bags. We skied the… Continue reading

#8: another big climb

2022-03-31 06:20:10am
We knew another solid climb lay ahead of us to get back to Adventdalen and we braced ourselves for a big day. The start of an unnamed valley was an… Continue reading

#7: two glaciers in one day

2022-03-30 06:40:27am
I woke expecting a whiteout so was overjoyed to see a clear day for our ascent to the pass between Sveigbreen and Satebreen glaciers. It was a hefty climb taking… Continue reading

#6: Glacier climb

2022-03-29 04:19:20am
We usually wake at 6am but I declared a 7am start to give some extra sun time on the tents in the morning. Alas, it was overcast. And a balmy… Continue reading

#5: superb day

2022-03-28 07:50:20am
Another cold night of -22 and no morning sun on the tent courtesy of the high valley walls. Light clouds threatened to obscure our view of the east coast but… Continue reading

#4: Goodbye to one valley, hello to the next!

2022-03-27 06:26:43am
We were treated to a slightly warmer night last night (-17), and absolutely stellar conditions today with blue skies and minimal wind. The nearby mountains however, shaded us from the… Continue reading

#3: departure

2022-03-26 07:36:52am
The -27c overnight low was a bit of a challenge for some, it takes more than just warm sleeping bags to remain comfortable in those temperatures. But the team are… Continue reading

#2: First day

2022-03-25 07:36:32am
After gathering at the warehouse this morning for last minute preparations, we loaded up the belt wagons with sleds, skis and adventurers, and began our journey out to Eskerfossen, our… Continue reading

#1: we are ready

2022-03-24 08:53:18am
After two days of skills instruction and packing we are ready to depart on our Svalbard Polar Expedition 2.0. Dinner at Stationen restaurant was a nice way to round off… Continue reading
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