Svalbard Expedition 2022

Our annual expedition to the wonderful mountains, glaciers and fiords of Svalbard. March 5 to 13, 2022.

Simon Wong
Inga Juodeikyte
Lorna Rand
Joaquin Candel
Teresa Blomfield
Emma Barrett
Helen Hutton
Icetrek Team Heath Jamieson
Heath Jamieson. IPGA Polar Expedition Guide
Mardi Philips. Trainee Guide
1 1A2A2820A Must Courtesy Petter Nyquist Not For Third Party
Eric Philips. IPGA Polar Expedition Guide

Trip Summary


#11: Back towards civilisation

2022-03-13 06:39:37am
Out of necessity we pitched camp next to the snowmobile road and had passersby until 10pm, snowmobilers heading out to remote cabins on a Friday night. The temperature dropped to… Continue reading

#10: cold comfort

2022-03-12 06:20:02am
A team of 10 makes overnight bear watch a breeze, an hour each is pretty easy to manage. Besides, the clouds cleared, the stars and a half moon appeared, and… Continue reading

#9: bear tracks

2022-03-11 07:15:31am
An easterly wind blew all night but our camp was tucked into the leeward side of a hill and everything blew overhead. Morning brought more fog and we could see… Continue reading

#8: up and over

2022-03-10 06:55:21am
Our camp half way up the glacier gave us a head start skiing steeply up onto Hellefonna, a small icecap between Fulmar and Vendom valleys. But visibility turned to crap… Continue reading

#7: onto the glacier

2022-03-09 06:53:31am
The blizzard abated overnight and we woke to a still and glorious morning with sun drenching the valley. After pack up we ran a basic tutorial on crevasse rescue before… Continue reading

#6: blizzard

2022-03-08 08:15:27am
Emma would like to report she used her pee bottle for the first time. Little milestones! On skis by 9.30am, we headed for the northern flank of Rabot glacier but… Continue reading

#5: first full day

2022-03-07 05:49:24am
A faint aurora was followed by spectacular sunlit morning clouds. Early spring is a magical time to be in Svalbard, where the sun is not yet high enough to hit… Continue reading

#4: moving!

2022-03-06 05:04:22pm
And we’re off, our first polar trip in over 2 years. We drove out to Eskerfossen (frozen waterfall) in two oversnow vehicles, passing by reindeer, snow capped ridges and the… Continue reading

#3: Leaving today

2022-03-05 04:44:17pm
We are all now assembled in Longyearbyen, gear checked, some tutorials on stove lighting and tent pitching and a small ski to get a taste of things to come. Three… Continue reading

#2: impressions of Svalbard

2022-03-04 07:49:25am
Most of the team is here now and we had a busy day of prepping. But opportunity enough for Joaquin to take some amazing photos in, around and above Longyearbyen… Continue reading

#1: Svalbard Expedition 2022 update

2022-03-03 05:32:52pm
Finally it’s game on! After 2 years absence we are back in glorious Svalbard prepping for a Saturday departure. We will send you daily updates direct from the expedition with… Continue reading
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