Svalbard Expedition 2024 #2

Our second Svalbard ski expedition for 2024. March 16 to 24.

Glaciers, icecaps, snowy valleys and mountain passes. Follow us as we ski across this magical pearl of the Arctic.

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Alex Canizaro
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Arthur Couette
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Jean-Luc Deleersnyder
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James Hind
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Ed Robertson
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Isa Envall - intern
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Mardi Philips. Guide
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Eric Philips. IPGA Polar Expedition Guide
Svalbard Expedition 2024 #2 completed route
Svalbard Expedition 2024 #2 completed route

Trip Summary


#9: Final day

2024-03-24 05:58:36am
With our bus pickup at Camp Barentz only 14km away we enjoyed an hour sleep-in and decided to finish the expedition today. With every objective completed and the planned final… Continue reading

#8: Glacier climb

2024-03-23 07:46:57am
 We had a slightly warmer night of -25°C and together with a sun drenched campsite our start to the day was pretty lux. The lower part of the valley… Continue reading

#7: ice cave

2024-03-22 06:56:22am
The overnight temperature of -27 was welcome after our nights into the thirties. Everyone slept warmly and commented on the difference 5° can make. It was another clear and still… Continue reading

#6: stunning day

2024-03-21 06:33:53am
Unlike the previous nights camp which was bathed in morning sun, this one stayed shaded by the mountains until well into our first session. But by then our toes and… Continue reading

#5: svalbard beauty

2024-03-20 07:02:31am
A low of -36 overnight but they’re starting to feel normal! Everyone has adapted superbly and we function well both in our tents and as a team. A few minor… Continue reading

#4: day of climbing

2024-03-19 06:49:14am
This is proving to be another very cold trip. We recorded -36°C last night and it’s currently -33 outside as I type on my phone, and it’s only 8.30pm. Today… Continue reading

#3: Svalbard Expediton 2024 #3

2024-03-18 08:53:48am
#3: cold day The temperature dropped to -29.8 overnight but thankfully everyone slept warmly. Packup was a chilly affair and in particular dismantling the polar bear fence which consists of… Continue reading

#2: first day

2024-03-17 07:54:00am

After an uneventful ride in the belt wagon to the frozen waterfall Eskerfossen we got straight onto skis and headed east along the Sassen valley under a clear and cold… Continue reading

Lagerservice warehouse, Longyearbyen

#1: Warehouse prep

2024-03-16 07:41:00am
Today was a long day of prep for our second Svalbard expedition of the season. Team members are practicing pitching tents with mittens on in the -10C warehouse as tomorrow… Continue reading
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