Svalbard Polar Primer 2019

Participants learn the ropes of polar travel, cold management, safety and navigation. April 18 to 23

Rob Swan
Paulina Villalonga
Min Jung Chey
Heath Jamieson
Heath Jamieson. Guide
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Eric Philips. Guide

Trip Summary

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#5: Polar chill

2019-04-23 05:44:02am
We enjoyed a chilly night in the tent, a welcome break from the crazy warm weather of the past few days. It’s a real joy to bed down in a… Continue reading
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#4: storm

2019-04-22 06:23:46am
After sending the blog last night Kris and Ida came over with a bag of choc lollies and a quizz on Svalbard history and Norwegian language. Heath teamed up with… Continue reading
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#3: Mountain camp

2019-04-21 06:04:06am
In the 12 days of ski touring I’ve had in Svalbard this year I’ve seen the sun for half a day. Does it even exist? In the morning we made… Continue reading
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#2: good progress

2019-04-20 05:49:33am
Strong wind overnight created some havoc with our large tent and I was outside twice anchoring in the soft snow. At least the morning brought still and dry conditions and… Continue reading
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#1: Svalbard Training

2019-04-19 05:23:47am
Today we headed out on the large bus with seven of us on board to the edge of Longyearbyen where we began our ski trip, in the slushy snow. Over… Continue reading
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