Svalbard Polar Primer 2023

Participants learn the ropes of polar travel, cold management, safety and navigation. March 28 to April 1, 2023

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Rabea Rogge
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Anja Ulrich
Charlie Balcombe
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Chun Wang
13 FE716 E E453 4369 B9 AA 139 B10 B8 AD3 E
Lilith van Amerongen - Intern
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Lianne Janssen - Intern
Mardi Philips
Mardi Philips. Guide
1 1A2A2820A Must Courtesy Petter Nyquist Not For Third Party
Eric Philips. IPGA Polar Expedition Guide

Trip Summary


#5: Final day

2023-04-02 03:37:02pm
So that we experienced a bit of everything, a light wind had picked up, a sprinkling of snow fell over our camp and clouds blanketed the mountains. We skied the… Continue reading

#4: Foxdalen

2023-04-01 05:54:33am
We left our camp in situ and ploughed up Foxdalen under a clearing sky. Around 2cm of snow fell overnight leaving a fresh coating over the landscape. After a couple… Continue reading

#3: Cracker of a day

2023-03-31 05:12:27am
The weather today defied the forecast. Although we had a bit of wind overnight we woke to a clear and still sky above the mountain amphitheatre we were camped in… Continue reading

#2: Ice cave

2023-03-30 04:49:42pm
Around 3pm we skied down to the cave, removed our skis and slithered into the small entrance, headlamps glowing. The cave is essentially a large bridged crevasse filled with stunning… Continue reading

#1: Bolterdalen

2023-03-29 06:17:00am
After a whirlwind couple of days prepping we bussed out to the junction of Bolter and Advent dalens and had lunch in the sun, perched on our foam pads, backs… Continue reading
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