Medical Evacuation Cover


Although experts in mitigating risk, we can never guarantee that things will work out as planned. As such, being covered for the cost of medical evacuation is mandatory in our industry… for guests, guides and contractors.
Icetrek has partnered with COVAC GLOBAL to offer the most comprehensive medevac cover available.

Covac Global

A membership with Covac Global covers medical evacuation on every trip that we offer. Some of the benefits include:

- $1 million of medical transport benefit, from anywhere -

- open to all nationalities -

- up to 90 days of continuous cover -

- no hazardous sport restrictions -

- Covid and security options -


Member Agreement

How to become a member

1. Click on the link below

2. Select ‘Medical’ Membership’ (and add optional Covid-19)

3. Travel days - up to 15 days, up to 30 days or Annual (which includes multiple trips, or expeditions from 31 to 90 days)

4. Security upgrade - an added benefit but not required for our trips

5. Membership type - individual or family

6. Select Next

7. Complete the form and enter Icetrek Expeditions as the agent name.

8. Register your destination (optional). This will help expedite your location in the event of an emergency.

9. Enter your trip dates as indicated in your trip itinerary (add a couple of days either side to cater for unavoidable itinerary changes)

10. Pay for your membership

NOTE: For North and South Pole trips your membership period should span the duration of your trip with an additional minimum of 1 day before and 5 days after to cater for minor schedule changes and/or delays. For example if your trip dates are December 10 to 17 your membership should cover you from December 9 to 22.

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