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Maximise space in your sled.

Icetrek sleds feature a removable bulkhead. Located just rear of the bow, the bulkhead prevents contents in the nose from slipping back, maximising the space in your sled. These replacements fit both models and are removed and re-attached in minutes, no tools required.

  • Attach using existing haul loops
  • Simple attachment method, no tools required
  • Flexible material allows for better packability
  • Long objects can slide under the divider
  • High-grade durable polyethylene

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‚ÄčNo tools required.

The bulkhead is attached to the inside of the sled using the knots of the haul loops. Simply release the knots, remove the old bulkhead and replace with the new. Simple.

Icetrek Sled Bulkhead Perspective

Long item storage

Long items such as spare skis or tent poles can slide straight under the bulkhead.

Icetrek Sled Bulkhead Skis


Because the bulkhead is not permanently connected to the hull it can adapt to the shape of your contents.

Icetrek Sled Bulkhead Contents

Weight: 210g / 7.4oz

Shipping weight: 500g / 18oz

Material: Polyethylene

Made in: Australia

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