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There's no avoiding it - sled hauling gives your back a hammering. Well, now you can avoid it. Download is an inline strain reducer that takes the shock out of lurching into your harness to get your sled moving, or just up and over an obstacle. Connect it between your harness and sled traces and feel the immediate stress release on you and your gear.

  • 8mm Australian-made shock cord
  • Velcro ties secure the loops in place and double as ski ties
  • Connect to carabiners or direct to rope
  • Single or double configuration for varying sled loads

Carabiners not included

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Place Download between your harness and sled traces to take the strain off your back. Made from 8mm Australian-made shock cord and secured by Velcro ties, Download is simple to connect and easily adjusted to your sled weight.

Download Doubled Overjpg

​Hardware connection

Use carabiners to connect Download to your system. With heavy sled weights use Download in a double loop.

Download Double Carabiner

Rope connection

You can easily connect a rope directly to your Download using a larks head knot. If you notice any wear on your Download, from either rope or carabiners, just reposition the loops for a fresh surface.

Download Rope Carabiner

For lighter loads

Use Download in a single configuration for reduced sled loads or when your sled gets sufficiently lighter during an expedition. Simply remove the Velcro ties, reconfigure as a single loop, retie!

Download Single Tied

Ski ties

When your Download is not in use the Velcro ties can be used to secure skis up to 120mm width.

Download Parts

Weight: 65g / 2.7oz

Shipping weight: 150g / 5.3oz

Shock cord: Premium 8mm / 0.31" shock cord

Hook and Loop Ties: 25mm x 250mm / 1" x 9.8

Length - single loop: 210mm / 8.2"

Length - double looped: 430mm / 16.9"

Load capacity: 200kg / 441lb

Made in: Australia

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