Flexi Bolster Set

Parts & Accessories

If your boots are loose within your Vintro or Sinch bindings, use Bolsters to take up the slack.

  • Easy to insert, loosen straps, slide in, sinch, ski!
  • Serrated edges prevent straps from loosening
  • Set of 2 required for Sinch, set of 4 required for Vintro

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Secure fit

Bolsters take up slack in your bindings giving your boots a firm fit and reducing sideslip and slop.

Icetrek Flexi Bolsters And Boot

Easy to insert

The Bolster attaches easily between the sidewall and strap. Just loosen the straps, insert the bolster and cinch the straps down for a firm and secure fit.

Bolster On Icetrek Flexi Binding

Add one or both

Add one or both Bolsters to suit your boot. If using just one, add it to the wall that creates the least side roll of your ski.

Icetrek Flexi Bolster In Action

Material: HDPE

Weight: 15g (set of 2)

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