Flexi Ultima Multi-Shim

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The revolution in polar skiing.

Integral to the Ultima System, the Multi-Shim is an innovative take on a proven ski accessory. Made from 6mm high-density polyethylene, the Multi-Shim is mounted between the ski and binding, elevating the skier above the snow surface and assisting in edging. To counter ankle-rolling (pronation and supination), a common and debilitating ailment amongst skiers, Multi-Shim's array of holes allows the user to offset their Flexi binding. No other ski binding offers this critical component.

  • Unbreakable plastic
  • Counters pronation and supination
  • Elevates the skier and facilitates edging
  • Allows Flexi bindings to be offset mounted - inwards, outwards, forward and back.
  • Compatible with all Flexi models, new and old
  • Includes one pair plus 10 screws

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Multiple Mounting Options

Multiple mounting holes in the Multi-Shim allow the binding to be offset mounted, inward or outward, forward or back. This sideways or offset mounting is important to counter any pronation or supination, bio-mechanical conditions that can result in excessive outward or inward rolling of one or both feet.

Flexi Ultima Mounting Plate Mounted

Pronation and Supination

A symptom while skiing is a tendency for the ski to roll onto its inside edge - pronation...or onto its outside edge - supination. This can be extremely debilitating during long ski trips and it is important to set the foot in a neutral or flat ski position.

Flexi Multi Shim Rolling

Mounting Flexis on the Multi-Shim

If your skis do not roll, mount in the neutral position. To counter the rolling effect you can reposition one or both Flexis into two offset positions on the Multi-Shim - moderate and severe.

Flexi Multi Shim Flat

Weight: 120g / 4.2oz per pair (not including screws)

Shipping weight: 250g / 8.8oz per pair, includes 10 x screws

Material: 6mm / 1/4" UHDPE

Dimensions: 135 x 80 x 6mm / 5.3 x 3.1 x .23"

Mounting screws: standard ski industry posi-drive counter-sunk screws - 15mm

Made in: Australia

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