GURU Face Mask

Face Mask

It's safer to use protection!

Why risk frostbite to your face? Why suffer blistered lips? There's no need to be uncomfortable in the cold, you just need the right protection. The Guru Face Mask is the result of years of battling blizzards and intense cold. It's hypo-allergenic so your skin won't react, coverage is from neck to eyes, ear-holes don't hinder your hearing and keep the mask in place despite the heaviest ice build-up.

  • Medical-grade neoprene
  • Full coverage from neck to upper cheek
  • Optional ear hole cutout for secure positioning

Small (regular), Large.

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The Guru is the complete face mask. It gives total protection of the nose, cheeks, chin and upper neck. Match it with a good hat, goggles and a buff and you have all you need to combat the fiercest Antarctic blizzard.

Mask Noholes

​Ear cutouts

Each mask comes with a stencil to cut out ear holes if preferred. We prefer the cut-outs so that the mask sits in place despite heavy build-up of ice which can dislodge other masks from your face. The inner lining is hypo-allergenic.

Icetrek Guru Face Mask Full


A generous nose-piece gives you plenty of room to breathe. The upper rim sits high to meet seamlessly with your eyewear and the lower rim protects your throat and forces your breath downward away from your eyewear. The tapered Velcro closure is designed to reduce bulk where multiple collars stack up.

Icetrek Guru Face Mask Side


The nose hole is large but protected by the nose piece so you won't get cold. Large holes at the mouth create the perfect balance between protection and breathability. And the vertical drape of the lower mask promotes expulsion of moisture, reducing ice accumulation.

Icetrek Guru Face Mask Hat


The long velcro closure caters for a wide range of head sizes within a single fit. And for large heads we have a large fit. The extension tab allows you to remove the Guru with mitts.

Icetrek Guru Face Mask Back

​Mix and Match

The Guru is designed to mesh with your hat, goggles, buff and jacket to provide 100% protection from the elements, a superior and more flexible option over balaclavas. Wear your hat over the top of the mask if you have the ear holes cut out, wear the mask over the top of your hat if you prefer not to have ear cutouts.

Icetrek Guru Face Mask Dressed

Weight (L): 68g / 2.4oz

Shipping weight (L): 175g / 6.20z

Made from: Hypo-allergenic medical-grade neoprene

Made in: Australia


Measure the circumference of your head, from the bridge of your nose, under your ear lobe to the top vertebrae (just under your skull) and back under the other ear to the bridge again.

58cm or less = Small (regular)

59cm or more = Large

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