i-Screw Pouch

Ice Screw Pouch

Let's be blunt. You're screwed without one.

Use an i-Screw to protect the all-important points of your ice screws from getting damaged. i-Screw keeps your ice screws from getting blunt and organises them into one neat little bundle. Unlike inferior designs, the long Velcro securing strap runs up and over the screw handles to lock them into place.

  • Made from durable PVC-coated polyester
  • Screws slide easily into tubes
  • Accommodates 8 screws up to 22mm diameter and 30cm length
  • Reinforced edging

Screws not included

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Wherever you stash your loaded i-Screw, robust 610 denier PVC-coated polyester is tough enough to protect your screw points from damage.

Icetrek Ice Screw Holder Wrapped 2


i-Screw holds 8 large size screws, up to 22mm in diameter and 22cm long

Icetrek Ice Screw Holder Empty


The long Velcro straps on i-Screw runs over the screw handles to lock them in.

Icetrek Ice Screw Holder Strap


Depending on how many screws you're carrying, configure the securing strap in a multitude of ways - over and around, over and wrap...

Icetrek Ice Screw Holder Wrapped

Weight : 145g / 5.1oz

Shipping weight: 300g / 10.6oz

Material: PVC-coated polyester 610D

Maximum screw diameter: 22mm

Maximum screw length: 22cm

Flat Length: 32cm

Flat Width: 23cm

Made in: Australia

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