Our NILAS TACTICAL SLED is a spacious, robust and feature-packed sled, big enough for a 2-month unsupported winter mission. Made from specially-formulated polyethylene, it has been tested during demanding North Pole expeditions in dual modes - as a slick manoeuvrable pulk and a paddle-able amphibious craft. All white hull, straps, handles and cover make NILAS TACTICAL SLED the ultimate in polar or extreme-cold operations.

Our POLYNYA TACTICAL SLED is a cut-down version of our NILAS sled, still big enough for major missions but stackable for ease of transport. Made from the same specially-formulated polyethylene, POLYNYA has also been tested on numerous expeditions to the South Pole, across Greenland and in Svalbard. All white hull, straps, handles and cover.

For a full range of features see our adventure series.

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