Kelvin Mitt Neck Lanyard

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Do away with annoying wrist leashes. Used with Kelvin Mitts, the neck lanyard is our preferred method of securing your mitts so they don't blow away in the wind.

  • 2mm Spectra lanyard
  • Strong Nite-Ize clips or plastic hooks for connecting to your mitts or hanging in the tent
  • High-quality toggle allows quick length adjustment

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2-mm Spectra cord

You won't even feel the cord over your neck it's so fine and light yet more than strong enough to support your mittens. Length adjustable.

Lanyard With Mitts


Strong and light Nite-Ize micro carabiners connect the lanyard to your mitts. Use them to hang your mitts in the tent for drying.

Kelvin Mitt Neck Lanyard S Biner

Adjustable toggle

The double-hole toggle is easy to activate and keeps the lanyard to your desired length.


Nylon clips

Alternative nylon clips

Lanyard Nylon Clip

Weight: 15g / .52oz per pair

Shipping weight: 100g / 3.5oz

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