Polynya Sled Cover

Parts & Accessories

Laced on, no tools required

Icetrek sleds feature removable covers, a world-first innovation.

  • Attach via hand-lacing system to rim of Polynya sled
  • High-grade durable poly material
  • Tape-sealed
  • 6-way chunky no-snag zipper
  • Long mitten-friendly zipper extensions
  • Red or yellow

Cover only, doesn't include compression straps

Red-Sled.png#asset:2322 | yellow.png#asset:2324

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Weight: 700g / 25oz

Shipping weight: 1.6kg / 56oz

Material: 300 Poly

Volume: 305 litres / 104 US gallons

Colours: Red, Yellow

Zipper: YKK #10

Made in: Australia

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