Sea Ice Sled Trace

Parts & Accessories

Optimised for sea ice

Stay connected with purpose-designed hauling traces for the North Pole, Arctic Ocean or any aqueous environment. These traces are cut short to facilitate tracking of your sled through ice rubble or any other difficult terrain.

  • Minimum 825kg / 1818lb breaking strain
  • 12mm floating and non-absorbent line
  • In-built grab handle

Rope colours may differ from those pictured here

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Made from 12mm water ski rope, these lines float on water making it easier to keep tabs on them during water crossings. And because they're non-absorbent you won't get heavy iced-up lines after a water crossing.

Icetrek Sea Ice Traces Front

Grab Handle

We have placed a grab handle just behind the apex making it easier to manoeuvre your sled when in complex terrain. You won't know the benefit of this feature until you get out there and use it. Hard to live without!

Icetrek Sea Ice Traces Handle

Pre-looped ends

These traces come with double loops in the ends. Use carabiners to connect to your sled tow loops. To avoid the likelihood of snagging, we crimp our ends rather than knot them. Use another carabiner to connect to your harness loop or into a Download Strain Reducer.

Icetrek Sea Ice Traces End Loop

Weight: 210g / 7.4oz

Shipping weight: 500g / 18oz

Material: 12mm plaited polyethylene water skiing line

Breaking strain, unknotted*: 948kg / 2090lb / 9.3kN

Length: approximately 2 metres from nose of sled to harness connection

Made in: Australia

*Our lines are knotted so as a general rule the breaking strain is around half of that listed here.


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