Sled Travel Bag

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Our sled travel bags are made from heavy-duty canvas to protect your sled from the rigours of airline travel.

  • Made from heavy-duty Cordura nylon
  • YKK #10 zipper with double sliders
  • Three 36mm compressions straps and buckles
  • Reinforced handles
  • Snug fit to minimise capture in conveyor mechanisms
  • Fits all Icetrek sleds

Made to order, allow 3 weeks.


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Our sled bag is a bomb-proof shell for your sled. The fabric helps to protect the finish of the plastic and most importantly the quality of the runners. The smoother your runners, the less friction on the ice. It's also the perfect vessel to store your civvies back at base camp.

Icetrek Sled Bag Front


As with all Icetrek products, we use only high quality materials, from the thread used to stitch every panel together, to the YKK zips and the 36mm webbing and buckles. The sewn-in handles will take the weight of a fully-loaded sled.

Icetrek Sled Bag Rear


You don't want a floppy tote that gets caught in conveyor belts so our bags are designed to fit tightly around your sled. There's just enough room for you to cut out a base of cardboard to further protect your runners.

Icetrek Sled Bag

Weight: 1.7g / 60oz

Shipping weight: 2.5kg / 90oz

Shipped dimensions: 40 x 30 x 10cm / 16 x 12 x 4"

Bag Material: 1000 denier Cordura Nylon

Zipper: YKK #10

Compression Straps: 36mm premium webbing

Buckles: National Moldings 36mm side-release

Made in: Australia

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