#9: day of days

2024-03-11 07:15:00am

Today was the day of days that followed a night of nights. After a light wind died off around 9pm the northern lights came out in all their splendour. Shimmering all colours they danced above the mountains to the south and we stood outside watching it in the cold night, some for more than an hour.

Our high camp became bathed in sunshine as we packed up tents and headed north to the pass at the top of Bergmesterbreen. It was a tough climb and we arrived hot and sweaty. Thick cloud hung over Jinnbreen (glacier) and Adventdalen below us to the north but the surrounding snow draped mountaintops sparkled under the blue sky.

The cold caught up with us pretty quickly so after a hundred photos or so we began the descent onto Jinnbreen. We tried riding our sleds but the gradient was a little too steep so we reverted to towing using a system of rope brakes we fix under the sleds.

The ski down the glacier after lunch was pretty cruisy and the lifting cloud allowed us a view of the surrounding peaks. We’re now camping on a snowy plain at the headwaters of Adventdalen.

The temperature steadily dropped throughout the day and now sits at -15c. We are expecting minus twenties the next few days.

Team photo at the pass - Eric, Moti, Mardi, Anja, Rabea, David, Kornelija, Giada, Kanch, Richard, Claire and Steven.

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