#7: glacier descent

2024-03-09 07:12:18am
An unexpected wind kicked in overnight making sleep difficult for some. It continued to rage all through decamping but the light on the surrounding peaks was mesmerising. To the east sunlight shimmered off the sea ice in Agardhbukta (bay). We skied past the top of Jinnbreen (glacier) with sweeping views down Vendomdalen (valley). A climb over a pass took us to Innerbreen (glacier) where the lower steeper flanks allowed us a controlled toboggan descent sitting astride our sleds. This caper never fails to please. A final ski down a narrow valley had us camped in Oppdalen. Our oldest participant is Moti from Israel. At 64 he’s doing a fantastic job of tackling the plentiful challenges, as is everyone. We change tent partners every night. So far I’ve shared with Moti, Richard, Claire, Giada and tonight with Rabea, all great company, all with amazing life experiences. Eric Photo of the ascent to the pass above Innerbreen.
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