#5: windy lunch

2024-03-07 07:08:44am
These unseasonably warm temperatures gave us a very comfortable night in our tents. Thankfully the clouds had lifted overnight and we could see most of the mountains surrounding us as well as the entry to Fulmardalen. Once in the valley a tail wind picked up and flurries of drift snow swirled past our skis. Lunch was a study in gear management where any item left unattended would blow away in the fierce wind and any zipper or bag left open would fill with snow. Thankfully we did none of the above. The strong wind continued throughout the afternoon and camp set up was a challenge for these aspiring polar adventurers but within no time 6 tents were set up in a confined flat area among the terminal moraine of Marmorbreen. The sound of chatter over purring stoves is music to the ears of every polar guide.
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