#3: departure

2022-03-26 07:36:52am
The -27c overnight low was a bit of a challenge for some, it takes more than just warm sleeping bags to remain comfortable in those temperatures. But the team are here to learn and a few adjustments will lead to increased comfort and better sleep tonight. The next day saw us ski up Saddendalen, following a snowmobile trail for the sake of convenience, knowing once we turn up Fulmardalen we’ll be free of them. At the first break all our faces were festooned with ice. Yet the low sun was for the first time bringing warmth to our faces and lighting the valley and surrounding mountains with sharp light. Spring is well under way. I called an early lunch before slipping into the dense shadow of Fulmar’s valley wall. Watching Henry ski up with Heath and Mardi I could see he wasn’t in great shape and not at all surprised that he wanted out. The cold and activity has challenged him to the limit and he asked for a vehicle to come and get him. We pitched camp and the Hagglunds arrived at 5pm taking Henry and Heath back to Longyearbyen. Heath hadn’t been feeling well and took the opportunity to head back and rest. We wish both of them a quick recovery. We’re now camped in the still cold of the valley. Twilight has settled on our camp, stars will shine and maybe the glow of an aurora will grace the skies. Here’s to the Arctic. Photos of Henry and Damien.
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