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Pull your own weight, and more!

The Atlas sled harness is the most comfortable sledding harness available. Using modern rucksack technology, the harness is well padded, supported by an internal frame and can tow weights in excess of 300kg. Atlas includes leg loops, which can be used for kiting and safety applications and can accommodate a spreader bar for traction kiting.

  • Super comfortable
  • Capable of towing the heaviest expedition sled
  • Multiple gear attachments
  • Stowable leg loops
  • Suitable for kiting

Strap colours may differ from those pictured here

Icetrek harnesses may not be in stock. Please allow for up to 4 weeks between order and delivery.

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Padded shoulder straps and waist belt are easily adjustable for size and comfort. Available in a women’s cut with anatomically enhanced curves in shoulder straps and waist belt.

Icetrek Atlas Sled Harness Rear

​Reinforced Back pad

Padded and framed back-pad provides insulation from wind and cold and the Air-Mesh lining helps wick moisture away when you're working hard. Shock cord and tabs allow for external storage.

Icetrek Atlas Sled Harness Backpad


Quality Duraflex buckles secure shoulder straps, waist belt, leg loops and kiting power strap. All buckles are adjustable and quick-release, making for a fast exit if required.

Icetrek Atlas Harness Buckles


Sled traces clip to a stainless steel D-ring sewn into the waist belt. With the shoulder straps also sewn into the ring you can micro-adjust the tension on waist and shoulders to find the perfect loading.

Icetrek Atlas Harness Tow Ring

Sit Harness

Integrated leg loops, seat strap and power strap are stored inside the pack-pad and can be deployed in seconds. Ladders on the leg loops allow for the seat strap to be positioned exactly where you need it. Used for kiting but can be used as an emergency sit harness.

Icetrek Atlas Sit Harness


Clip your kite's chicken loop directly into the webbing loop on the Power Strap. This backcountry method eliminates unwanted detachment of the chicken loop from the harness. Or use a carabiner for faster clipping.

Icetrek Atlas Harness Power Strap Attachment

Harness Equaliser

You can purchase our harness with an Equaliser connected to the steel rings - clip the sled traces in using a carabiner. This equalises the load between the rings, maximising pulling power and reducing stress on your harness and body.

Icetrek Omni Sled Harness Equaliser

Navimount Compass Support

Attach our optional Navimount Compass Mount for hands-free navigation across the polar icescapes. All of our harnesses have Velcro attachment points on the shoulder pads to secure your mount.

Navimount Mirror Compass

Download Strain Reducer

Place an optional Download between your harness and sled traces to take the strain off your back. Made from 8mm Australian-made shock cord and secured by Velcro ties, Download is simple to connect and easily adjusted to your sled weight.

Download Double Carabiner

Weight (MRR): 1300g / 36oz

Shipping weight (MRR): 1500g / 42oz

Made in: Australia

Atlas Harness Power Strap

Parts & Accessories

DOWNLOAD Strain Reducer

Parts & Accessories

Land Ice Sled Trace

Parts & Accessories

Sea Ice Sled Trace

Parts & Accessories

Harness Load Equaliser

Parts & Accessories

Navimount Compass Support

Compass Mount
Gender Height Waist Order Code
Mens 170cm / 5'7" or less 84cm / 33" or less MRR
Mens 170cm / 5'7" or less 85cm / 33.5" or more MRL
Mens 171cm / 5'8" or more 84cm / 33" or less MLR
Mens 171cm / 5'8" or more 85cm / 33.5" or more MLL
Womens 170cm / 5'7" or less 80cm / 31.5" or less WRR
Womens 170cm / 5'7" or less 81cm / 32" or more WRL
Womens 171cm / 5'8" or more 80cm / 31.5" or less WLR
Womens 171cm / 5'8" or more 81cm / 32" or more WLL
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