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Multi-fit, modular, magnificent.

Our new Omni harness is perhaps our best yet. Not because it's stronger, has greater functionality or is more comfortable - these are hallmarks of all our models - but because it's adaptable to the conditions and the wearer. With six points of adjustment you will get the right fit every time. Waist line shrinking on a long haul trip? Cinch in the rear waist strap. Loaning your harness to your little sis? Shorten it for her . Omni. It's for everyone.

  • Multiple adjustment points
  • Super comfortable
  • Gear loops

Omni Sled Harness is available end of October. Pre-order now for a 10% discount

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Multi adjustment

Omni is infinitely adjustable through height and width sizing straps. Two vertical straps and steel buckles provide height adjustment and the single horizontal strap allows for multiple waist sizings. Set and forget! Further on-the-go adjustment is achieved through the usual front shoulder and waist buckles. Six adjusters in total.

Icetrek Omni Harness Rear Adjustments

Quick Release

Quick release buckles on the shoulder straps are standard on all of our models. You can release completely from Omni without taking your ski poles off.  

Icetrek Omni Harness Qr

Premium materials

 Air-mesh lining on the shoulder and hip pads wicks moisture. 

Icetrek Omni Harness Belt Inside

Towing and slinging.

Sled traces clip to a stainless steel D-ring sewn into the waist belt and an accessory gear loop is sewn into the belt to carry carabiners, ice screws or your favourite gizmo.

Icetrek Omni Harness Rings

Naviplate Compass Mount

Attach our optional Naviplate Compass Mount for hands-free navigation across the polar icescapes. All of our harnesses have Velcro attachment points on the shoulder pads.

Icetrek Compass Mount Base Plate

Weight (MRR): 780g / 27.5oz

Shipping weight (MRR): 1400g / 42oz

Made in: Australia

Naviplate Compass Mount

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