#1: Bolterdalen

2023-03-29 06:17:00am
After a whirlwind couple of days prepping we bussed out to the junction of Bolter and Advent dalens and had lunch in the sun, perched on our foam pads, backs against our sleds. We skied south up Bolterdalen and I was immediately impressed by the uniformity of the group - even pace, even skills, positive minds. It was easy to be inspired by the surroundings with the towering valley walls on both sides and the teasing glacial valleys ahead of us. It’s great to have our interns Lianne and Lillith who are already proving very useful with advice and skills. A steady stream of dog sleds passed us - this is the most popular valley for this activity with a number of dogsled companies situated at its base. Last year Mardi worked for the largest of them. The temperature had dropped to -20 by the time we camped and we were all ready for tents heated by stoves by the time we’d established camp and set up our bear fence. A great first day for our novice travellers.
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Svalbard Polar Primer 2023

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