#3: Cracker of a day

2023-03-31 05:12:27am
The weather today defied the forecast. Although we had a bit of wind overnight we woke to a clear and still sky above the mountain amphitheatre we were camped in. Hemmed in three sides by valley walls the only way was back down to Adventdalen. As we descended, often using the single line brake under the sled to avoid it overtaking us, we passed a few dog teams heading up to the ice cave. Lunch was truly magical, we made a circle of sleds as backrests and perched on our foam pads, all facing inward, chatting and laughing, the sun warm on our faces for the first time. On reaching Adventdalen we turned east and skied almost 2 hours to the Foxdalen outflow where we are now camped. Cracker of a day!
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Svalbard Polar Primer 2023

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