A crossing of Greenland is one of the greatest leaps in your adventuring career.

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To ski across Greenland remains as one of the most iconic polar adventures. It is a commitment to learning the craft of long-distance polar expeditioning and can be seen as a stand-alone beacon in your polar career or a stepping stone to Antarctica and the South Pole.

And for those completing the Polar Hat-Trick, we understand the relevance of Greenland as an integral part of your project.

But Greenland is not all about the interior. Along its east coast lie stunning mountain ranges, serpentine glaciers, ice-choked fiords, majestic icebergs and colourful Inuit hamlets, all waiting to be discovered on our Greenland Odyssey.

Why don't you join us for your first, or next, Greenland adventure.

Icetrek Greenland plateau

Ski Across Greenland in Spring

West to East. The classic Greenland crossing
Greenland Fall Crossing 00

Ski Across Greenland in Fall

East to West. The gritty Greenland crossing
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