Svalbard. The pearl of the Arctic

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Arctic cold, glaciers, snow-capped mountains, frozen fiords, polar bears - Svalbard has the lot. Nowhere else on earth do you find this amalgamation of all things polar on the doorstep of a modern town - Longyearbyen.

People join our Svalbard trips either as an introduction to polar expeditioning, as a training ground for major expeditions to Greenland, Antarctica or the North Pole or simply as a standalone mission in a magnificent setting.

Why don't you join us for your first, or next, Svalbard adventure.

Icetrek Svalbard Expedition Card

Svalbard Polar Expedition

All-in-one polar expedition and training
Icetrek Svalbard Winter 003 Heath Jamieson

Svalbard Winter Light Expedition

Trip the light fantastic
Icetrek Svalbard Polar Primer

Svalbard Polar Primer

Learning the art of polar travel
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