Polar Kettle

Polar Camp Kitchen

The Polar Kettle is a highly functional pot that forms the core of your snow melting capability. Made from durable aluminium, it is lightweight and copes extremely well with the demands of repetitive water boiling. Our proprietary handle permits single-hand usage while the spout delivers a safe and steady flow of water to your bowl, mug or thermos.

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Large capacity

The 1.97 litre practical capacity (2.6L total) is enough to fill a couple of thermoses while not being too heavy to handle. The straight sides and flat bottom minimise CO accumulation.


Pouring handle

The insulated handle stalk allows single-hand usage - locate the notch onto the rear handle and you have total control of your hot kettle while steadying your thermos. Fold the handle onto the lid for secure storage.

Kettle handle

Precision spout

Narrow thermos opening? No problem with a precision spout.

Kettle spout

Fitted lid

A properly fitted lid minimises steam and maximises your stove fuel consumption.

Kettle lid

Lid Lock

The optional Lid Lock secures your kettle lid during transportation, preserving the seal between lid and kettle which reduces steam and maximises fuel economy while snow melting.

Lid Lock on lid

Kettle Pouch

The optional Kettle Pouch protects your kettle and preserves the seal between lid and kettle, reducing steam and maximising fuel economy while snow melting.

Kettle Bag with logo

Weight : 265g / 9.35oz

Shipping weight: 500g / 17.7oz

Material: Aluminium

Outer Dimensions (all inclusive): L23.5 x W19.7 x H18cm / 9.25 x 7.76 x 7.09"

Inner dimensions of usable pot (lid removed): Diameter 15.7 x H13.6cm / 6.18 x 5.34"

Filled Volume: 2.6 litres / 0.69 gallons

Practical Volume: 1.97 litres / 0.52 gallons

Made in: China, assembled in Australia

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