Polar Kitchen Bundle

Polar Camp Kitchen

Bundle our polar camp kitchen items for a one-stop snow melting experience. Just add a stove and fuel.


  • Stove board
  • Kettle Board
  • Polar Kettle
  • Kettle Pouch
  • Lid Lock
  • Flame Guard
  • Matches Box
  • Fire Blanket
  • Snow Collection Bag
  • Camp Kitchen Satchel

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Kitchen boards

Stove and kettle boards are an essential addition that keep your polar kitchen insulated and stable. Stove board comes with fixtures for mounting your MSR stove.

Icetrek Camp Kitchen Boards

Polar kettle

The Polar Kettle is a highly functional pot that forms the core of your snow melting capability. Made from durable aluminium, it is lightweight and copes extremely well with the demands of repetitive water boiling. Our proprietary handle permits single-hand usage while the spout delivers a safe and steady flow of water to your bowl, mug or thermos.


Kettle transport pouch

Protect your kettle during transport with a reinforced transport and storage pouch.

Kettle Bag with logo

Lid Lock

The optional Lid Lock secures your kettle lid during transportation, preserving the seal between lid and kettle which reduces steam and maximises fuel economy while snow melting.

Lid Lock on lid

Flame guard

A flame guard is vital tool in your polar kitchen setup. Not only does it reflect heat back to your kettle, it prevents tent items from making contact with your hot stove and flame.

Flame Guard

Fire blanket

A fire blanket is the last defence against unwanted flare-ups.

Packaged blanket

Matches box

Matches are your best bet for stove lighting but they need to be protected from moisture and crushing.

Matches Box copy

Kitchen satchel

Melting snow in a polar setting is one of your most important tasks. Our camp kitchen satchel keeps everything in one place, compact - secure and easily accessible.

Icetrek Kitchen Satchel

Snow Collection Bag

The ubiquitous Ikea 'Frakta' is the ideal snow collection bag

Snow Bag

Weight : 2.27kg / 5lb

Shipping weight: 2.5g / 5.51lb

Dimensions (filled): 42 x 34 x 13cm / 16.5 x 13.4 x 5.12"

Made in: Australia, China, New Zealand, assembled in Australia

Camp Kitchen Satchel

Polar Camp Kitchen

Fire Blanket

Polar Camp Kitchen

Flame Guard

Polar Camp Kitchen

Kettle Pouch

Polar Camp Kitchen

Kitchen Boards

Polar Camp Kitchen

Matches box

Polar Camp Kitchen

Polar Kettle

Polar Camp Kitchen

Snow Collection Bag

Polar Camp Kitchen

Lid Lock

Polar Camp Kitchen
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