South Pole Overnight at Three Glaciers Retreat

South Pole, with a twist of luxury

Wake up at the South Pole

Combine the ultimate comfort of our Three Glaciers Retreat with a night spent at 90° S. Fly to the Geographic South Pole, the holy grail of polar explorers, and spend the night at the World's Southernmost Resort. Return to Three Glaciers Retreat to explore all that this corner of the Heritage Range has to offer.

Photos © Alexey Nagaev, Christopher Michel, Scott Webster, David Hamilton, ALE
  • Gateway Punta Arenas, Chile
  • Distance No ski
  • Days on Ice No ski
  • Daily Distance No ski
  • Temp. Range -10 to -30°C
  • Sled Weight No ski
  • Challenge 2 What's this?
  • Conditions Cool coastal to cold plateau
  • Challenges Camping at altitude

Trip Itinerary

-2 Days

Latest arrival in Punta Arenas.

-1 Day

Guest welcome and trip briefing

Day 1

Fly 4.5 hours to Union Glacier runway in Antarctica and onward to Three Glaciers Camp, settle in.

Day 2

Local activities including ice walks, photography, sightseeing, lectures.

Day 3-6

We will select the best weather window during these days for the 5 hour flight to South Pole. Settle in to camp. Two hour station visit and photographs at ceremonial South Pole. Remain at South Pole Camp overnight. Return to Union Glacier runway the following day and onward to Three Glaciers Camp.

Day 7

Flight to Punta Arenas.


  • Briefing followed by refreshments one day prior to departure
  • Punta Arenas transfers for Antarctic flights
  • All plane flights associated with the expedition program
  • Accommodation and meals at Three Glaciers Camp
  • Guide(s)
  • Meals and accommodation at South Pole Camp
  • 25kg weight allowance (inc. food and group equipment)
  • 15% discount on selected Icetrek Equipment


  • Travel to and from Punta Arenas, Chile
  • Hotel transfers for non-Antarctic flights
  • Hotel accommodation in Punta Arenas (we can help you find appropriate accommodation at your preferred budget).
  • Excess baggage above the allowance
  • Additional costs (accommodation, meals etc.) due to changes beyond our control ie. weather delays
  • Evacuation, hospitalization and repatriation costs and/or insurance
  • Satellite telephone airtime
  • Commercial use of footage or images provided by Icetrek

Combine the ultimate comfort of our Three Glaciers Retreat with a night spent at 90° S. Fly to the Geographic South Pole, the holy grail of polar explorers, and camp overnight at the World’s Southernmost Resort. Below your feet, all 360 lines of longitude meet and in just a few steps you can walk around the world!

History and modern science converge outside Amundsen-Scott Station as you take photographs at the Ceremonial Pole surrounded by the flags of the original Antarctic Treaty signatory nations. Your overnight stay at our private camp allows you ample time to reflect on your surroundings and experience this special place on Earth.

Return to the comfort of our exclusive Three Glaciers Retreat, tucked away deep in the interior of Antarctica. Designed with a thoughtful attention to detail, Three Glaciers provides a sanctuary for relaxation and comfort. Immerse yourself in the ultimate wilderness, surrounded by pristine views, untouched spaces, and profound silence. Here in the Heritage Range of the Ellsworth Mountains, majestic peaks rise in all directions offering unlimited opportunities for snowmobiling, hiking, climbing, and skiing.


The interior of Antarctica has a cold, dry, windy climate. Average mid-season temperatures at our retreat range from -12°F to 30°F (-24°C to -1°C ). Three Glaciers Retreat is typically less windy than other areas. On a sunny windless day it can feel quite warm but, when the wind blows, you will be glad of warm layers and a wind jacket. Temperatures can drop as low as -22°F (-30°C) in early November.

At the South Pole, be prepared for extreme conditions. Temperatures rarely climb above -13°F (-25°C) with light winds and windchill down to -40°F (-40°C). The physiological altitude (how high it feels) is roughly 11,000ft (3,300m).

Latam Airlines fly daily to Punta Arenas, Chile.


Prior to departure there will be a briefing held at the office of Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions. They are located at:

Calle Bernardo O’Higgins 568, PH: +56 9 6832 7472

South Pole Overnight at Three Glaciers Retreat

per person ex-Punta Arenas, Chile
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