#6: stunning day

2024-03-21 06:33:53am
Unlike the previous nights camp which was bathed in morning sun, this one stayed shaded by the mountains until well into our first session. But by then our toes and fingers had warmed and our minds were set on a long haul out of Oppdalen and into Reindalen (valleys). All around us were stunning mountains in various shades of illumination. The valley floors were crisscrossed with tracks of reindeer and Arctic fox, the former could be seen from time to time scratching for grasses beneath the snow. Thankfully no polar bear tracks. We are very careful to stay away from bear hunting grounds and common routes between fiords but they can appear anywhere. Tomorrow we try and find an ice cave on Marthabreen (glacier) before camping at the base of Kokkbreen in preparation for our ascent into the mountains on Friday. Tonight I’m camping with Jean-Luc. Photo of the team heading down Reindalen.
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