#5: svalbard beauty

2024-03-20 07:02:31am
A low of -36 overnight but they’re starting to feel normal! Everyone has adapted superbly and we function well both in our tents and as a team. A few minor incidents here and there (water spillages, stove fuel leakage etc.) but all dealt with quickly and efficiently. We left camp under a blue sky but with a cold wind blowing on our right cheeks. Our fur ruffs dealt with that in short order. A three hour traverse and an acute climb had us lunching at the top of Innerbreen (glacier) with a magnificent view over the mountains of Glitrefjellet. The wind had by now completely died off. We hoped for a fast toboggan descent of Innerbreen but the continued raspy snow didn’t give us the glide we needed. But the amble though the beautiful outfall gulley was stunning as the mountain tops became bathed with late afternoon alpenglow. We camped in the broad valley of Oppdalen, with a herd of reindeer as neighbours and with temperatures back into the minus thirties. Tenting with James tonight. Photo of our camp on Hellefonna.
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