#3: Svalbard Expediton 2024 #3

2024-03-18 08:53:48am
#3: cold day The temperature dropped to -29.8 overnight but thankfully everyone slept warmly. Packup was a chilly affair and in particular dismantling the polar bear fence which consists of 8 spring loaded mechanisms, 8 reels of fine line and 8 carbon fibre telescopic posts. The mechanisms hold double bear banger flares that trigger if the double height line is breached. We skied in the bitter shadow of the mountains flanking the south side of the valley. After a couple of hours we reached the sun and the change was palpable.Not so much the warmth, it’s barely perceptible, but just the light itself was lifegiving. Unfortunately it wasn’t to last and we struggled through lunch with our backs to the strong wind that blasted up the inky valley .We turned into Vendomdalen and skied for almost three hours with the wind in our backs, the temperature still steady at -28 .We found a flat site reasonably sheltered behind a small hill and quickly established camp. Another cold night ahead. Tenting with 21yo Alex from Texas .No photo today as it’s too cold for the satellite modem. Posted via InReach messages to Icetrek office.
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