Flexi Ultima System

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Icetrek's Ultima System is a revolution in ski binding technology, facilitating the interchange of Flexi binding models - Vintro and Sinch - by either switching the boot harness or simply swapping out the entire binding.

Core to the Ultima System is the unique Multi-Shim, an ingeniously simple plate that enables not only the alternation of binding (including our Plateau model) but offset mounting to eliminate ankle roll.

Used on scores of expeditions to both poles, Ultima System is a mature product that will take you into extremes you never thought possible.


Base Plate


Each Ultima base plate is cut from a single sheet of 6mm UHMWPE - strength and flex are unaffected by the coldest temperatures on Earth and we back it with our lifetime warranty. The narrow flex stem provides flex that mimics the fore and aft rocker of your boot, facilitating a comfortable, natural and economical ski stride. The broader base provides torsional stiffness that, together with the heel locators, both eliminates binding side-slip and maximises edging. Hydrophobic plastic and large drainage holes eliminate ice and snow build-up.

Ultima Regular base plate is characterised by round-shaped rear drainage holes, Ultima Wide by oval-shaped holes.


Boot cage


The boot cage houses your boot onto the base plate. Laser cut from marine-grade aluminium, the cage is married to the base plate using a combination of high-grade stainless steel and aluminium rivets, forming the core of Flexi's functionality. Once combined, Flexi becomes torsionally rigid under the arch and heel of the boot yet flexible across the flex stem, in effect a simile of your boot sole.

Serrated cam slots in the side walls secure webbing straps and ensure they never slip. Yet, to make additional adjustments to volume, the straps loosen easily, even with mittened hands at forty below. No tools, no fixtures. =


heel locators


Ultima's combined base plate and boot cage stiffness provides adequate torsional rigidity under normal skiing conditions. To facilitate maximum ski edging on steep ice, Ultima incorporates a unique heel locator system. Incorporated into the boot cage, two lugs on the underside locate either side of a 14mm heel plate mounted to the shim on the ski. Heel slip is entirely eliminated, even under the most extreme edge loading, keeping your boot firmly and squarely on top of the ski...where it should be!




The Ultima System is secured to the ski using a 2.5mm anodised aluminium mounting plate and four Posi-Drive screws. The stress placed on a binding is maximised during severe edging, yet the mounting plate, together with the heel locators, equalises the load across the entire base plate, reducing stress to a minimum.




Pronation and supination are anatomical conditions that cause excessive inward or outward rolling of one or both feet. Pronation (outward roll) in particular is a relatively common condition. A symptom while skiing is a tendency for the ski to rotate onto the inside (or outside) edge, particularly skis with a narrow waist (50mm or less). This can be extremely debilitating during long ski trips and it is important to set the foot in a neutral or flat ski position. To accommodate this, Icetrek designed the Multi-Shim, a plate with multiple mounting hole patterns that is fixed to the ski and onto which the binding is mounted. Skiers can offset mount for moderate or severe pronation or supination. You can also mount forward or back of the balance chord. And don't worry if you need to re-position on the Multi-Shim, you can readjust as often as you like, perfect for rental situations.




A symptom while skiing is a tendency for the ski to roll onto its inside edge - pronation...or onto its outside edge - supination. This can be extremely debilitating during long ski trips and it is important to set the foot in a neutral or flat ski position.




If your skis do not roll, mount in the neutral position. To counter the rolling effect you can reposition one or both Flexis into two offset positions on the Multi-Shim - moderate and severe.




Ultima's heel shim serves the same function as the Multi-Shim, allowing the heel plate to be offset by the same factor as the binding. The heel shim mounts permanently to the ski and the heel plate screws to the shim where it can be easily repositioned for offset mounting.


Flexi Vintro

Flexi Sinch




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